Mission, Vision and Values


To position Obremo as a sustainable and national reference group of companies. A provider of global services for the leading national and international companies in the sectors of water, telecommunication, electricity, gas, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

To perform all our services with excellence, prioritising safety, professional progress and emotional development of our employees and collaborators, who, through qualification, responsibility and commitment contribute positively to society and to our stakeholders.



A sustainable and innovative group of companies operating at national and international level. The preferred choice of corporations and institutions worldwide, as a provider of global services in the water, telecommunication, gas, renewable energy, infrastructure, and electricity sectors.

A great team of qualified, committed, responsible people, proud to be part of the Obremo group and to be always at your service. A team that contributes positively to society, a green team.


Respect: Ideas, people, society and environment

Team: Capable, committed, consistent, responsible and safe

Innovation: Future vision to anticipate the constant changes of our world, both internal and external with a proactive attitude

Excellence: To reach the highest levels of quality, trust, efficiency, integrity and commitment

Sustainability: Profitability and solvency

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In Obremo we carry out a broad diversity of projects in order to guarantee a global service for our clients