Water Services

In Obremo we carry out the following services related to water management:

icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Reading and replacement of water meters
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Construction and maintenance of transport and distribution networks
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Construction of water tanks and ponds
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Location and digitisation of underground pipelines
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Construction of pumping and drive stations
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Construction of purification and water treatment plants
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Construction of water ditches, channels and reservoirs
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Preventive and corrective maintenance and cleaning and monitoring of distribution networks
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Hydraulic, agricultural and environmental recovery projects
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Installation and maintenance of fountains, beach footbridges and showers
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Construction and maintenance of networks
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Leak detection service


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In Obremo we carry out a broad diversity of projects in order to guarantee a global service for our clients