Telecommunications Services

Our telecommunications team is formed by highly trained professionals, very involved with the company and with a high customer orientation. In Obremo we offer the following telecommunication services:

Network Services

icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Turnkey network construction
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Leaky feeder maintenance
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Installation and maintenance of base transceiver stations
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Network faults service

Customer Service

icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Sale to final customer through commercial activity at point of sale
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Home installation of terminal equipment
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Customer service
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Extensive experience in all existing technologies: FTTH, HFC, ADSL, ULL, NEBA

Commercial Services

icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Since February 2015, we manage a total of 8 Vodafone shops in Zaragoza and Barcelona
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 We have a total of 35 commercials with high training in Vodafone products and processes
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 We generate more than 500 mobile registries per month and more than 200 through optical fibre/Adsl
icono-agua-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 We have always obtained very positive results in the audits carried out by the client

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In Obremo we carry out a broad diversity of projects in order to guarantee a global service for our clients