Electrical Services

In Obremo we carry out the following services related to electrical management:

icono-electricidad-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Aerial and underground construction and maintenance of transport network and distribution of medium and low voltage electricity
icono-electricidad-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Installation of low voltage electrical networks in homes, commercial buildings, industries, sport facilities, monuments, facades, etc.
icono-electricidad-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Construction and maintenance of transformation centres
icono-electricidad-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Low and medium voltage services
icono-electricidad-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Maintenance and installation of public lightning networks
icono-electricidad-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Maintenance and installation of outdoor and indoor lighting networks
icono-electricidad-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Energy efficiency services
icono-electricidad-obremo-servicios-integrales-2 Repairs of faults and 24 hour emergency services

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In Obremo we carry out a broad diversity of projects in order to guarantee a global service for our clients